Friday, January 10, 2014

week two: DIY valentine bunting

Hello friends! Last week, I mentioned that I plan to post a craft each week that I do. I love a good challenge, especially one that motivates me to craft. Last weekend, I went to a retreat where Jesus wrecked my heart (in a good way, but that’s for another time) and made some impromptu bunting for the event.  Literally, I used some spare fabric, jute rope, a sharpie and some duct tape to create a neat banner for the event.  I have this crazy love for all things bunting and pinterest has graciously fed that addiction faithfully. 
image (2)
Above: improv bunting at its finest from the mended women’s retreat (side note: check them out. They’re awesome) 
This week was insane, y’all.  By Wednesday, I was wondering where Friday was.  Alas, I also put off crafting until tonite.  I have a list of projects to do and had been debating on which to do.  I finally decided on this one and I’m pretty pleased with the result.  My crafting practices are pretty loose…meaning I don’t measure anything (unless I’m sewing) and I usually free-hand cut (unless I’m quilting).  This project was exactly that.  I just cut what I thought looked right, used hot glue because it’s low maintenance, and frayed the tops of the bunting triangles to give it a shabby chic feel.  
The fabric I used was a drop cloth.  Who doesn’t love cheap fabric?  This girl does!   I just cut out enough triangles to make myself a bunting and a lucky lady in the #givealittleloveswap on instagram.  Instagram mail swaps are super fun.  Great way to meet new friends and get some fun stuff!
Like I said before, I literally just cut and stacked triangles until I had enough. 
I didn’t use stencils to do the lettering, just free-handed. They’re by no means perfect, but they make me happy. 
Felt hearts on the ends for added whimsy!
Then I just did a zig zag stitch over baker’s twine to finish it off! 
image (1)
Viola! Week two is in the books!  Smile 
Also, how fun is this valentine tray my friend Sara made?! Also, those were the very first birds I ever made!  How fun!  If you ever try any of these projects, feel free to tag me on instagram or facebook. I’d love to see what you make!