Friday, January 31, 2014

week five: craft night and some favorites

Once upon a time, there was girl who finally had a place of her own and had a dream of crafting with friends of all ages on a regular basis. Needless to say, that dream became a reality three years ago. She never dreamed that at the most recent craft night they would have 19 in attendance. Sometimes there have been only 6 who came. Although the projects vary from time to time and we usually bring more food than craft supplies, one thing remains the same... Women of all generations are sharing and doing life together. When I first started this, I never really viewed this as a ministry, but that's exactly what it has become. I can always count on craft night to leave me in tears from laughing so hard. The more people share about how fun craft night is, the more friends they bring. It's contagious and growing. I view it as an exciting challenge to find new and innovative craft projects to do..
From October's Craft Night where we made coffee filter wreaths. Too Fun! 

My heart is full from all of the joy from craft nights.  I look around my home and see countless projects we've done together.  I love that it is changing and improving. I love that people want to come and spend time together.  Community is a beautiful way for God to love us. 

This week we did etched mason jars and I followed this fantastic tutorial from the yummy life.  seriously, so helpful!  It was a quick easy project and we also enjoyed a baked potato bar and delicious desserts.  I'm counting my craft for this week as the etched mason jar. Go check out that tutorial if you want in on the fun and if you live close, I can probably help you out with supplies! :)
From November Craft Night, where we had 22 in attendance!  We made christmas blocks! 

Now on to some favorites [fabric-wise],  I'm loving these new fabrics on Hawthorne Threads.  May have to purchase soon...

Alexander Henry -ABC collection
Allison Cole- What A Gem

Lori Whitlock -Lazy Day

Bonnie Christine -Fly By In Day

What are you loving lately?

Thursday, January 23, 2014

week four: a mixer cover and chalkboard collection

This week I made myself a mixer cover after making two others as gifts.  So glad not to have a dusty mixer anymore!   I was going to link up to the pdf pattern I downloaded..but it looks like the blog disabled. Hmm, I will upload the side panels and measurements later.  I plan on making a few more as gifts as well!  
Also, tonight I changed our chalkboard up and figured it’d be fun to do a collection of the chalkboards I’ve done throughout the past 2 years.   Hope this week has treated you well! I ended my day at the doctor where he confirmed my suspicions of yet another sinus infection.  Blerg! Hopefully the new meds will put a stop to these stupid infections .  
On a happier note, I thought I’d start this round-up off with a chalkboard print I got for my brother and his wife as a wedding gift!  How glorious is this print from caravan shoppe!
Without futher ado, here’s a tribute to chalkboards of the past, present, and future…(too cheesy? oh well) in order from current to oldest
Pretty sure this was my favorite engagement photo! 
Chalkboard above my oven in my 1st apartment

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Friday, January 17, 2014

week three: a semi-failed attempt at crafting

I knew this day would come..when I would feel like I failed at my resolution.  This week has been crazy and despite my attempt to plan and craft ahead of time, people always come first in my book.  So i've enjoyed me some community this week and tried to do a quick craft in the meantime. I still view it as incomplete, but I'm prepared to be back next week with something better.  This weekend we are working a DNOW, so I knew this would be my only chance to let the blog world know I did attempt to make something this week.  I'd seen several tutorials on pinterest for making those pot holder hair straightener holders..and I've had these pot holders for 2 years that I never did anything with.

Once I sat down, I realized they were way too thick to sew with my machine,  hence the incompleteness.  I resorted to fabric glue and a heavy book.  Alas, the fabric glue only stuck in some places and so I will need to go back and hand-sew them together.  They will be nice once they are finished.  Hope y'all have a restful weekend! be back next week :) 

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Friday, January 10, 2014

week two: DIY valentine bunting

Hello friends! Last week, I mentioned that I plan to post a craft each week that I do. I love a good challenge, especially one that motivates me to craft. Last weekend, I went to a retreat where Jesus wrecked my heart (in a good way, but that’s for another time) and made some impromptu bunting for the event.  Literally, I used some spare fabric, jute rope, a sharpie and some duct tape to create a neat banner for the event.  I have this crazy love for all things bunting and pinterest has graciously fed that addiction faithfully. 
image (2)
Above: improv bunting at its finest from the mended women’s retreat (side note: check them out. They’re awesome) 
This week was insane, y’all.  By Wednesday, I was wondering where Friday was.  Alas, I also put off crafting until tonite.  I have a list of projects to do and had been debating on which to do.  I finally decided on this one and I’m pretty pleased with the result.  My crafting practices are pretty loose…meaning I don’t measure anything (unless I’m sewing) and I usually free-hand cut (unless I’m quilting).  This project was exactly that.  I just cut what I thought looked right, used hot glue because it’s low maintenance, and frayed the tops of the bunting triangles to give it a shabby chic feel.  
The fabric I used was a drop cloth.  Who doesn’t love cheap fabric?  This girl does!   I just cut out enough triangles to make myself a bunting and a lucky lady in the #givealittleloveswap on instagram.  Instagram mail swaps are super fun.  Great way to meet new friends and get some fun stuff!
Like I said before, I literally just cut and stacked triangles until I had enough. 
I didn’t use stencils to do the lettering, just free-handed. They’re by no means perfect, but they make me happy. 
Felt hearts on the ends for added whimsy!
Then I just did a zig zag stitch over baker’s twine to finish it off! 
image (1)
Viola! Week two is in the books!  Smile 
Also, how fun is this valentine tray my friend Sara made?! Also, those were the very first birds I ever made!  How fun!  If you ever try any of these projects, feel free to tag me on instagram or facebook. I’d love to see what you make! 

Thursday, January 2, 2014

week one: DIY Vintage Valentine Serving Tray


Each week, I plan to bring you some kind of DIY inspiration, perhaps with a tutorial or just with a project that I worked on.  I hope you enjoy and if I miss a  week or two, I hope you’ll have grace and perhaps send me a friendly email reminding me you’d like to hear from me soon. 

I’ve had this tray for ages and found it as I was cleaning out the front room in our house.  I intended to get glass cut then and make a cute serving tray for Valentine’s day.  I already had the vintage valentines (my grandma got them for me. MAJOR SCORE, right?!)  mod-podged to cardstock the size of the tray. When I found the tray a few days ago, I measured the perimeter and got glass cut at Lowe’s.  I also picked up some cream spray paint.  Now, recommended temps for spray painting are around 65 degrees and it was 41 degrees here today.  I was just too anxious, so I went ahead and did it.  Seems fine to me!  

Before, I just laid purchased glass on top to make sure it fit. 


The owls were a bonus.  I thought they’d look great in cream too.  I used Valspar spray paint. 


Viola!  Easy project just in time for Valentine’s Day! 


Finished product!  And I like that owl much better in my kitchen now too!