Saturday, September 11, 2010

the best discovery

so i get this newsletter emailed to me from photojojo on a weekly basis always sharing super cool photography tips and today they shared this photographer: Phillip Maisel or as I would like to call him, genius.  He decided to photograph facebook albums on slow shutter speed, creating beautiful photographs. Lucky for me, Erin Baker came over and we suddenly became obsessed with this new discovery.  Try it.  It is the most fun ever.  Also I may have stalked your facebook photo albums in order to accomplish this.

facebook photo album of: Allison Cornell
facebook photo album of: John Raines

facebook photo album of: Andrew Shepherd

facebook photo album of: Jared Tohlen

facebook photo album of: Jared Tohlen
facebook photo album of: Andrew Shepherd

And truly the only reason the photos turned out so cool is because the original images that are layered are truly amazing themselves.  It was never my intent to offend any of these photographers by layering their images, so I do hope that they are flattered at the attempt to create something new out of their beautiful work.

Sunday, September 5, 2010

for now

So I've come to terms with the fact that I like blogs. I like reading blogs. I like having blogs here and here, but really wanted a place I could share anything I fancied.

This is the place where I will do just that.  Maybe I should just start by listing blogs I like, blogs I'd like to be like in some form or another...

And this just scratches the surface, my friends.  I am not sure how often I will update, but I'd like to update once a week, if that.  In closing, I moved three weeks ago, and I am continually reminded of how great that choice was.