Wednesday, June 24, 2015

our house story

This blog is full of inconsistencies. I'm faithful and then life happens. Sorry readers. I guess the best thing I like it for is TELLING STORIES... namely of God's faithfulness. Here's a fine example. Lemmetellya, WAITING is hard to do....Ugh, it's so hard. The waiting can feel like ages of not knowing or understanding why.

We've been looking for a house for 6 months. . .but nothing ever felt quite right. I kept asking myself, Shea, and our realtor if we were crazy picky or something. We didn't feel like we were being unrealistic. Nothing was the right fit. We looked in several towns too, hoping that we would find something to call home. We scoured We have experienced every emotion there is from excitement (its perfect!) to sadness (house already under contract) to disagreement (love/hate). I guess in the midst of it all, I honestly tried not to get my hopes up anymore.

Then things changed with our rental situation and it became apparent that we needed to find something soon and maybe not be so "picky"... We had discussed me possibly changing jobs and this is where I literally felt like a giant toddler throwing a fit to God and asking him why. I wrestled with thoughts for 3 days as we began looking for houses in another town. On Monday, I had a sobfest with my boss letting her know I may have to leave BUT that I didn't want to and I wasn't happy about it.

And here is where things get interesting...

I had already prepped myself for something that dissatisfied me, but I was asking the Lord to make me willing if it was His will.

That same Monday afternoon I was washing dishes after school and received a text from our realtor. It confused me because she told me she was at a house and there was something about it she just couldn't shake. I didn't know what she was talking about since we weren't looking at houses in our hometown...I thought maybe it was fluke or she meant to send it to someone else. Finally, I realized she wanted me to come see this house and I didn't get my hopes up because it needed some work, but it had a ton of potential. I was anxious to see if Shea would even like it.

Turns out he did like the house! And our families loved it! By Wednesday, we made an offer and we had a contract Friday. It was inspected and now we went through the entire loan process. But towards the end, there was a possibility we wouldn't close on time. This was an issue, and honestly it was really frustrating. I was so anxious to have a place of our own. Well actually, we have some work to do before we move in and so I guess I was feeling the time crunch of getting all of that done. The Lord is so faithful though, even in such small ways. He worked it out and we closed on time. So tonight we began our renovations. I love that I can't even tell this story without giving Him all the credit.

I've heard someone say "When God's in it, it flows. When He's not, it's forced." The waiting was worth it. We are so pumped about our new home. I am so glad I get to stay at my job that I love! I told our realtor I'm so glad she listened to the Holy Spirit prompting her to contact me about this home. Speaking of our realtor, Kim Buettner is fabulous. She was patient and honest after we looked at 100's of homes (no lie). We never felt obligated or forced to go with a home. I tell everyone that she has made the difference during this process and we are truly grateful to her. Even until the very end, she answered every silly question that I emailed, texted, or called about. I'm truly going to miss working with her because she became a great friend.

Stay tuned:: I've got big plans for this house and I can't make any promises, but I feel like this may become a home renovation and design blog for a few years if ya'll don't mind. My heart is full because making a house a home is life giving to me.

The part that makes me smile the most:
We live on Emily street. [I find that quite adorable]

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