Friday, January 17, 2014

week three: a semi-failed attempt at crafting

I knew this day would come..when I would feel like I failed at my resolution.  This week has been crazy and despite my attempt to plan and craft ahead of time, people always come first in my book.  So i've enjoyed me some community this week and tried to do a quick craft in the meantime. I still view it as incomplete, but I'm prepared to be back next week with something better.  This weekend we are working a DNOW, so I knew this would be my only chance to let the blog world know I did attempt to make something this week.  I'd seen several tutorials on pinterest for making those pot holder hair straightener holders..and I've had these pot holders for 2 years that I never did anything with.

Once I sat down, I realized they were way too thick to sew with my machine,  hence the incompleteness.  I resorted to fabric glue and a heavy book.  Alas, the fabric glue only stuck in some places and so I will need to go back and hand-sew them together.  They will be nice once they are finished.  Hope y'all have a restful weekend! be back next week :) 

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