Thursday, January 2, 2014

week one: DIY Vintage Valentine Serving Tray


Each week, I plan to bring you some kind of DIY inspiration, perhaps with a tutorial or just with a project that I worked on.  I hope you enjoy and if I miss a  week or two, I hope you’ll have grace and perhaps send me a friendly email reminding me you’d like to hear from me soon. 

I’ve had this tray for ages and found it as I was cleaning out the front room in our house.  I intended to get glass cut then and make a cute serving tray for Valentine’s day.  I already had the vintage valentines (my grandma got them for me. MAJOR SCORE, right?!)  mod-podged to cardstock the size of the tray. When I found the tray a few days ago, I measured the perimeter and got glass cut at Lowe’s.  I also picked up some cream spray paint.  Now, recommended temps for spray painting are around 65 degrees and it was 41 degrees here today.  I was just too anxious, so I went ahead and did it.  Seems fine to me!  

Before, I just laid purchased glass on top to make sure it fit. 


The owls were a bonus.  I thought they’d look great in cream too.  I used Valspar spray paint. 


Viola!  Easy project just in time for Valentine’s Day! 


Finished product!  And I like that owl much better in my kitchen now too!