Saturday, March 20, 2010

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Thursday, March 11, 2010

Our Poetry

Note from the teacher: We are so excited to be publishing our work for you!!! Yay for being great writers! Before they could write these poems, they had to visit the poetry museum. The poetry museum consisted of 5 different objects: a peacock feather, a paper clip, a conch shell, a sponge, and a parrot stuffed animal. They were to study the objects and record observations. Afterwards, they picked one to write a poem about. Right now, only 7 students have typed their poems, but hopefully more poems will be up soon.

The Parit
By: Selena

Blue and green
you need a bath
Parit you stenck
parit you are a boy
parit you are not a kid
parit you ant a teacher
part you are a parit
parit you are colorful.

Shell sine inside
By: Melody

The shell is sine inside
Shell shell in the water
Shell shell I can herer the oshin
Shell shell you are so big


By: Abigail
Your tichol me
You Are
Difrit Colrs
Sume are the same colr
Pecook Sister
Pecook, Pecook
You are blue
and green
pecook pecook
you stik
you need a bath
wash your feet
put your feet in the water.

By: Samantha

Cleans the floor
Cleans the door
You have holes
You are yellow
You are amazing.

Peacock Feather
By: Khaylee

A peacock feather
Ticls me
it is shar
In it is godin
it is
smooth like the
sad it look like a ranbaoou
I think it hav sacll on it
It is saf like my pall

Perit, Perit
By: Josh
Perit perit you are soft

Perit perit you are curlfl

Perit perit you

Have zebra ise

Perit perit you have a

Long tail

Perit perit you are

Fany perit perit

You stenk like a skunke

Perit perit you dancs a lot

Parrot, Parrot
By: Ethan

Parrot parrot you bite me
parrot parrot you art nice

parrot parrot parrot don’t bite me
parrot parrot you smell bad

parrot parrot you need a bath
parrot parrot you are colorful
parrot parrot you are cool
parrot parrot you are soft
parrot parrot you are tall !
parrot parrot you have a long tale
parrot parrot you are flofy
I wont you parrot$!