Thursday, January 23, 2014

week four: a mixer cover and chalkboard collection

This week I made myself a mixer cover after making two others as gifts.  So glad not to have a dusty mixer anymore!   I was going to link up to the pdf pattern I downloaded..but it looks like the blog disabled. Hmm, I will upload the side panels and measurements later.  I plan on making a few more as gifts as well!  
Also, tonight I changed our chalkboard up and figured it’d be fun to do a collection of the chalkboards I’ve done throughout the past 2 years.   Hope this week has treated you well! I ended my day at the doctor where he confirmed my suspicions of yet another sinus infection.  Blerg! Hopefully the new meds will put a stop to these stupid infections .  
On a happier note, I thought I’d start this round-up off with a chalkboard print I got for my brother and his wife as a wedding gift!  How glorious is this print from caravan shoppe!
Without futher ado, here’s a tribute to chalkboards of the past, present, and future…(too cheesy? oh well) in order from current to oldest
Pretty sure this was my favorite engagement photo! 
Chalkboard above my oven in my 1st apartment

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