Sunday, December 29, 2013

Handmade Christmas

So I haven't posted since August... and I'm truly sorry about that. Hoping to blog more in the new year to go along with my goal of weekly craft projects.
In the meanwhile, I've tried many new things on my sewing machine for gifts this Christmas. I made a quilted table runner, a appliquéd fox pillow, a pocket tee onesie with skirt, and a kitchen aid mixer cover.  Let's just say I've been busy these last few weeks. But I've taken a few photos along the way.. Enjoy!

Finished table runner, complete with bias tape. I was a first timer when it came to bias tape. But I'd really love to make my own like Dana from 
The glorious fox pillow I so wanted to keep for myself. I know it's going to a good home though!
This onesie is for this little cutie below. Her mommy's baby shower is the last post I did. Whoops! 
Love me some Hannah Jane! 😍

I forgot to take a photo of the mixer cover I made for my MIL but will take one soon! I need to make one for myself also! I'll post a tutorial when I do. I do believe that could be my first project of the new year. 😊

Meanwhile, I did make my second grade team pocket tees for our field trip to see frozen earlier this month. Have y'all seen it? Soooo good! I'm slightly addicted to the soundtrack. 

Also knitting myself an infinity scarf for the new year complete with buttons and button holes. Yay for trying new things and helpful YouTube tutuorials! 

Happy 2014! Here's to a more faithful attempt at updating this blog and being crafty! 
Loved this quote I found via Pinterest..
So true! 
Blessings to you and yours.. 
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