Saturday, February 8, 2014

week six: the one i almost forgot

I'm not gonna lie, I'm writing this from my bed on Saturday night because I seriously almost forgot about it.  Sure, I thought about it a few times, but it slipped my mind until tonight that I needed to actually do it. Whoops.  Guess my humanity is showing. This week has been long.

I participated in 2 instagram valentine swaps. One was a package swap where we sent goodies to another person. The other was where we created handmade valentines and exchanged with 4 other individuals.  Both equally fun and a neat way to meet people.

My craft this week was handmade valentines [while I caught up on Downton Abbey and New Girl]  Side note: can I just say Julian Fellows is really getting on my nerves right now?  To quote Shea, "There are no happy endings at Downton"  sheesh

This morning I finished up my class valentines for my kiddos. They are absolutely obsessed with Despicable Me 2 and all things minion. Needless to say, its the perfect thing to give them.  I just wrapped a twinkie (or a cloud cake because Twinkies are impossible to find) in free printables via here and here and Viola! Cute valentines!  p.s. Free printables are my friend.  They're the best!

Also picked up this book today!  I'm so beyond excited about reading it.
This evening we hung out with the Strouds and their cute baby Hannah.  Love her!

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