Sunday, February 23, 2014

week nine: painted wall pocket organizer

This weekend we had some beautiful weather and I took the opportunity to finally paint the mail organizer I got at 1st Monday a few weeks ago. It was such a steal!

 When the rain started, outside vendors were desperate to get rid of their inventory. He sold it to me for $15. I immediately knew what I wanted to use it for and began planning a DIY project for it. I decided on a mint color from Pantone. Our kitchen is dark wood paneling (renter probs!) and I'm constantly looking for ways to lighten it up,

The guy at Lowes also told me I needed an additional primer since I wasn't planning on sanding it. This is what I used.

There were these cool hardware labels on the pocket organizer and once I discovered they were stickers, there was really no way to salvage them. I ended up scraping each label on with a razor blade. I planned to add my own chalkboard labels anyway! 

I laid a drop cloth outside (the one I used for this project a few weeks ago) and primed it up. Then I had to wait an hour for it to dry. When I finally was able to paint it mint, it looked so light, but thankfully it darkened as it dried. 

After it dried, I brought it back inside. All I had left was touch up and taping off chalkboard labels. 

Once that is complete, we will bring my roll-top desk into the kitchen and I will set it up. I think I'm really going to enjoy a stack free kitchen since I pretty much have a slot for anything and everything. Here's to a more organized 2014! (I'll post a picture once that's done, just was anxious to post already!) 
Still needs touch up before it's ready to go! 
Hope this week is off to a good start, friends! 
Final product::

I'm so in love with how it turned out!