Tuesday, March 4, 2014

ice day #2

Photo Credit: Buckets and Bows

Why is it that when you finally put up all your laundry, you feel like you deserve some kind of medal?  Pretty sure ice day #2 led to this small victory.  I'm grateful we have power again because for 12+ hours we didn't.  This isn't a craft post, but I hope to have one for yall later this week. I'm working on several gift related projects that will debut on a later date.  Can I also say since I've given up social media that I've gotten a lot of things done and also read a lot more blogs?  It's been hard though. My phone seems so boring without social media...( i don't play phone games or i guess it'd be more exciting)  I can definitely tell the Lord is using this time to grow me in Him.  

This was the first year as a teacher I've sent home Scholastic book orders and my kids ordered enough books for me to get the ENTIRE collection of magic tree house books...needless to say, I was stoked!  
They are equally excited as well!  

I also got a shipment of new fabric in! Who doesn't love that?  Its the best kind of mail!

Yesterday when we lost our power, Shea challenged me to a game of scrabble. Max didn't see any excitement in this game and therefore took a nap. I ended up winning the game much to Shea's dismay.

We've been talking about presidents lately because of President's day and reading this made my heart really happy.  I told them about how they are blessed to be free because there are children in other parts of the world who are forced to work in factories and do things without being paid. I'm glad she wants to help end slavery and free the 27 million who are still held captive.

I hear the ice melting.  That might mean a trip to the grocery store is in order.  Stay warm, friends!