Saturday, March 15, 2014

week eleven: texas hill country

This week was spring break for both Shea and I.  I am aware that we won’t always have the same schedule, so while we do, it’s fun to take full advantage of it.  We planned a small road trip for the 2nd half of the week exploring Texas hill country and we had a blast!  I’m sharing my favorite photos from our trip.  I really enjoyed taking photos for fun again.  We stayed with Shea’s sweet Omie (grandma) and visited with my cousin’s family as well.  [Side note: you should check my cousin’s blog out.. She’s super talented!]

How cute are my cousin's kids, Cora and Emmeline? I wanted to take them home with me!!  

Thursday we got up early and headed out to Fredericksburg. We detoured into the famous little spot of Luckenbach.  Haven’t heard of it? check out this song..  We had planned to go to Enchanted Rock, but the line was way too long and it wasn’t moving quickly. We had fun visiting shops downtown, making a not-so-great lunch choice, walking a nature trail, exploring the nation’s largest wildflower seed farm, and enjoying ice cream.

We spent Friday with Omie.  She showcased her new bowling shoes and ball she got for Christmas.  She plays 9-pin bowling, where it’s a team effort.  We watched some that night and it was quite different, but also VERY fun. 

We also went to a drive-thru safari and drove around twice because I’m pretty sure the first time the animals were all asleep or something.  We barely saw any. . The 2nd time around we saw lots of activity including some zebras playing. I can’t wait to show my students all of my pictures from here.  They’re going to love it!  Afterwards, we ate lunch at Chili’s and made a quick trip to the san marcos outlet malls. Omie also beat us at 2 rounds of Gin Rummy.  Overall, it was a great trip and I can’t wait to go back and see more.  How was your week/spring break? 
I also dyed and cut my hair off this week, but this isn't the greatest picture of it. It is, however, the only picture we took together this week!