Friday, January 30, 2015

our coffee bar

A few weeks ago, our dishwasher stopped working. Dad took a look at it and we thought it was fixed, but alas it stopped working again. It was the kind you hook up to your sink.  (gotta love rent houses!) Anyway, we decided to not invest in another and so we had this awkward space between the stove and the cabinets.  I miss our dishwasher, but I decided if I had to wash dishes, then it’d be super fun to fill that space with a coffee bar instead.
So I started planning and dreaming and then there was that time I went to Hobby Lobby with Shea to pick up this beauty and I had to explain my grand plans. He got on board and thus began the search for the perfect little table. My parents go to estate sales often, and I told them to keep their eyes peeled. Mom mentioned a wicker table they had picked up and something about a yardstick top. To be honest,  I was having a hard time envisioning it. Once she sent a photo of yardsticks laid on top, I was completely sold.
  • cleaning the table up
  • gluing the yardsticks on
  • clamping it down
Dad using the router to cut around the top and then painting the edge.
  • sanding and sealing the top
Dad re-sanding and sealing. He also spray painted a nifty little tray as a shelf below. Moral of the story: it’s a major perk to have a talented dad and he did most of the work. Thanks Dad! 
I got to bring home this glorious table today and I couldn’t wait to get to work styling it. Shea hung up the shelf and I began shopping the house for things I could use in there. (I learned all about what fun shopping the house can be from
Now I just want to hang out in the kitchen all the time and it kinda makes me ridiculously happy.

Come over for a cuppa joe or hot beverage sometime! Its ready Smile 
Also check out natalie creates or tweet potato pie for more lovely coffee bar inspiration!  This free print came from here. (go getcha one!)