Sunday, December 28, 2014

week 52: 5 minute sweater pillow tutorial


Hello! Its your old friend Emilee WHO HASN’T BLOGGED SINCE SEPTEMBER. (gasp and I’m sorry) I have still been crafting, just haven’t done a good job documenting it here on the ol’ blog.

Man, we started out this year well.  A project a week...this blog has never seen so much action! But then summer came and life happened and this poor blog got put on the back burner once again.

I think in the new year, my goal will be to blog once a month at least, if not once every 2 weeks and to create much smaller goals that are attainable, rather than bigger goals that are left incomplete.  I also created lots of handmade gifts this year, but did a poor job of following up with a blog about them. I will try to do better about that in 2015.


First, you will need:

  • a sweater
  • a pillow
  • a sewing machine
  • coordinating thread



Next, lay sweater on top of pillow to determine where to cut.  I cut off both arms and part of the neckline. I didn’t have to sew the sides because they were already done!  I inverted the sweater and sewed up the arm holes and top where I cut with a quarter-inch inseam. I trimmed the corners to be diagonals. (Makes them lay flat!)


Then, I flipped sweater back and placed on pillow. I sewed up the bottom and I was done!  It was really thick to sew at the end, so I worked slowly. But seriously, after 5 minutes I had a super cute sheep pillow that I gifted to my mom!



Viola! Super cute and fun!


I had to document my christmas card trees before I took them down. Christmas cards make me happy!

Some other things I’ve been up to:

I made a mixer cover for Shea’s Nana and I just love this fabric.


I also made Shea a ninja turtle pillow with fleece (major score at Jo-anns)

He was thrilled.


I also wrapped one of Shea’s gifts in a bag I hand-sewed when I was 12. Consider it the beginning of something grand!


I gave my snowman from craft night away at our family gift exchange, so I had to make another for myself! I love how the earmuffs turned out! 


Planning to do a project a day this next week and blog about them throughout the month of January!  We shall see!  Wishing you a blessed new year!


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