Wednesday, September 3, 2014

ruffled key chain

What week are we on again?  (I've really been slacking on the 52 week project)  I figured it was time I update since I haven't since July. (Insert shocked emoticon here) Of course, August is like Christmastime for me with school starting.  

Seeing as we are a week and a half into school, this girl was ready to have some time with her sewing machine.  This quick project did the trick.  I will be doing some tweaking to the pattern I followed when I make more, but this is the tutorial I followed in case you want to make your own! 

It was super fun to make and took less than hour.  Just enough time to satisfy the craving to make something! 
School is back full swing, which I'm loving, but you always forget how much work it is in the beginning teaching procedures and routines on top of curriculum.  I want a nap EVERYDAY.  Lol. Planning to join the gym again and then hopefully, I will have the energy to sew too. :) 

2 days till the weekend.... but who's counting?