Thursday, June 5, 2014

thoughts on life

[it appears i'm doing a series. my last post titled thoughts on teaching, this post: thoughts on life, maybe i'll wrap up with another thoughts post]

I had every intention of doing a craft post. This does seem to be the season of gift giving: weddings, babies, graduations. I have made some of the gifts and was going to share that here, but I think I'm going to wait.

I also considered posting my summer bucket list. Again, this will wait. Its gonna be quite fun though!

Today marked 5 years of teaching for me and I expected this day to feel different. Its amazing to think of all the things these 5 years have brought. Some things make me smile, some break my heart.  Isn't that life though?  Why do we often expect to get through life without pain or struggle?

As I continue to sort out my thoughts, pinterest provided plenty of wisdom to ponder.
Isn't it interesting how God created us as flawed beings?  That we would have to learn how to receive and give grace based off of His example. That we would continue to need grace all the days of our life.

Glad we have choice, even if sometimes we have to keep choosing to make ourselves strong simply because its necessary. (and by make ourselves strong, I really mean Christ standing in the gap and being our strength-I can't take any credit for any strength I bestow.)

I posted this quote earlier this week on instagram, as it has been a long time favorite of mine.  It reminds me of the journey, the process we go through as we strive to be like Christ, even as we mess up and endure hardship along way.

Tomorrow's Friday. I hope it finds you well.
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