Monday, June 16, 2014

DIY polka-dotted fridge

Well folks, we are week 2 into summer and I'm staying true to my mantra this summer, "Use What You Have."   Ever since I spotted this fridge the other day, I coudn't stop think about adding a little pizzazz to our fridge.  Shea and I went to Target and I was ogling over this wallpaper, but he said "No way"  because it was $30.  I don't blame him and I didn't wanna spend that much either.  Then I looked online, but I wasn't really in to waiting either.  As I was cleaning up the kitchen from lunch, it hit me all of the sudden. I could make my dreams come true FOR FREE, people. I just happened to everything on hand, but you could do it pretty cheaply as well.  If you're not into DIY, you can buy pre-cut dots here.

Things you need (or things I used):

  • vinyl (mine was white)
  • gold spray paint
  • handy box to anchor vinyl while spray painting
  • Cricut cutting machine
  • scissors
I grabbed my vinyl and anchored in the box we had and started spray painting it gold.  (hint: spray paint with wind, not against it!) I waited 30 minutes and got it out.  I trimmed it to fit on the cricut mat and started cutting circles until I had about 60.  The Cricut cartridge I have is SimplySweet, but I think most cartridges have a shape option. You could also easily use a circle punch and gold contact paper. I just used what I had, so it wouldn't cost anything!  TADA!  I'm loving it.  Best part is its easy to remove in case we ever get tired of it.  (which I don't see happening anytime soon)  

Hope you're inspired to do your own fridge now!  :) 

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