Saturday, May 10, 2014

week 19: Mayzie's stroller quilt

I feel so behind in blogging and at the same time like I could post 10 different things.  We will start with this.  I made a stroller sized quilt for a coworker/friend who is having a baby in July.  It was my first time to machine quilt and quilt by myself.  Like I said in my last post, I'm obsessed with quilts and seriously doubt this obsession will end anytime soon. This process took a few weeks because I had to make time to actually work on it. Sometimes I wish crafting was my job. Other days I'm glad to have another job to do.  Also, May is like the spring-time Decemeber. (so busy!)  I should've included a picture of my desk calendar at school. It's ridiculous. I used a tutorial from see kate sew.  I really enjoy her blog and let me know if you try her tutorial too! In the upcoming weeks, I plan to post more. Forgive me if life just gets plain crazy though and I have to play catch-up at the beginning of summer.