Sunday, April 27, 2014

week seventeen: quiltspiration

Ever since last year when I made my first quilt, my love affair with quilts became an obsession. I seriously love these patch-worked creations that take ridiculous amounts of time and thought.  It's like a whole bundle of love in a blanket.  Hence why I hope you'll be ok with a round-up of quilts that continue to inspire me.  I hope to make a few in these patterns as well.  I'm sure you'll recognize some of these from pinterest. That place is perfect for finding glorious quilts.  I'm also quite fortunate to follow several instagrammers that quilt as well.  What they quilt are truly works of art. Ok, enough of my quilt for the quilts!
I love the collage feel of this quilt. So much.
Most of you know with my love for scrabble, that this quilt makes me all sorts of happy.
my personal opinion is you can never go wrong with herringbone.pattern here

Man, I love cross quilts. This one found here.
This arrow tail quilt is such a beaut too!

Really anything Astrid makes is gold.  You should follow her on instagram @redredcompletelyred . You won't be disappointed!
Unashamed of how much I love houses on quilts.  Here she is!
This hexagon quilt is to die for!  (look at me geeking out over quilts!)
Something about this wonky cross quilt makes me smile!!! 

There were several quilts I wanted to post pictures of, but flickr just wouldn't cooperate!  Needless to say, I'm feelin' inspired and ready to start a new quilt!
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