Monday, July 27, 2015

becoming home

So we've been in our home almost 2 weeks and the projects continue on. It's nice to start settling but hard to find where we've made any noticeable dents in our efforts. Disclaimer: the pictures may look lovely, but behind the scenes, we've ran into an array of setbacks: a loose toilet, broken sprinkler heads, corroded garbage disposal, dryer vent adjustments etc. normal homeownership stuff --so even though I've made it appear so ideal, it hasn't been that way.
Before we moved in

Needless to say, we are thrilled (and exhausted) to be homeowners. It is so fun to see dreams become reality. 
We looked like the Beverly hillbillies driving down the road. It took us 4 days to move everything IN the TEXAS SUMMER HEAT! What the heck were we thinkin?! 

I have a secret Pinterest board for inspiration but thought I'd share some with you. Our fireplace is in serious need of an update and hoping to get that done soon. I'm also super obsessed with upholstered headboards. 

Also after adding beadboard wallpaper to our built-in shelves, I've decided everything needs more beadboard. Love love love.
Our kitchen is about the only room that is mostly settled. Working on getting the rest of the house that way.

Our laundry "room" is right by our kitchen.. I kinda love it because I don't forget about the laundry this way! 

Some sweet details above the kitchen sink ;) love that my mom brings me fresh zinnias from her garden

We took out the cabinets by the fridge because they were made for a smaller fridge. I was going to paint the shelf I put there, but I'm digging the wood contrast.
I love this open shelf by the fridge. I was originally going to paint it, but I kinda like it au naturale. 
Our 2nd home as of late --Good thing its one of my favorite places to go! 

Huge difference was made in the foyer! It's amazing what some paint and new flooring can do to transform a place. :) 

Love our front foyer! 
I spray painted all the knobs a polished silver color for the dining room and kitchen. Spray painting hardware is a great way to update and save money!

Another update I did was to hide the handicap bars in our bathroom. We didn't want to get rid of them, but I wanted to definitely conceal them.  These cute curtains did the trick! When one needs to shower, there is a hidden hook to push curtain back so it doesn't get caught in the door.

I'm pretty sure my favorite thing is the different reactions I get from changing our address. Yes, Emilee lives on Emily street.

That's all folks! Will plan to update you again in a few weeks!