Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Craft room Re-organization

The time had come for me to reorganize my craft room.  It was quite the hazard zone.  I also had come to terms with the fact that I really needed to use that hutch in my new classroom, so last night I began the project.  I think I realized about 10 pm that this was a big undertaking.  I'm happy to say at 4 pm today that it is complete and ready for crafting.

I may have had too much fun labeling these canisters.  
A collection of [favorite] things
Much more storage for fabric and a place for my new sewing machine
Practical and pretty decor

So what do you think?! I'm loving it! 
And in case you didn't see..Looking to win some money? Looking for a way to get rid of craft stuff you never use? Looking for a fun way to spend your evening? Lets have a craft war! All participants would chip in $5 and bring any craft supplies they no longer want/use. Participants would have an hour to craft and create a dazzling project. Afterwards, everyone would vote on the best craft. Winner would get all the proceeds. Comment below if you're interested.
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