Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Summer of sewing

I'm making a list in hopes of marking things off. These are my sewing goals/endeavors for the summer. Join with me on this journey as I share tutorials, tips, frustrations, mess ups, and  finished products! I'm looking forward to learning more about myself and sewing.

1) maxi skirt
2) baby/toddler skirts
3) mixer cover 
4) lanyard
5) quilting
6) ruffled dish towels
7) aprons
8) clutches
9) car seat cover for max, our dog
10) fabric bunting

I think 10 is enough for now. Can't wait to share this adventure with you!
Check out my pinterest page: Craft it up for more info on these projects and let me know what you're working on this summer! 

pictures from my instagram @thebirdandthebicycle