Tuesday, December 25, 2012

from 2012 to 2013

Things I've learned in 2012:
1) prejudice is taught, not something we are born with. 
I see this everyday in our classroom. Students loving on other students who are so different from them. It reminds me that love is still greater than hate and that if you teach someone to love BEFORE you teach them to hate, you see the most genuine and beautiful acts of kindness you have ever seen.
2) actions speak LOUDER than words. 
I strive to only say the things I will live out.  And I don't always achieve this goal, but I have learned the importance of this truth this year.
3) marriage is a complete blessing with lots of GRACE sprinkled in.
As 2 imperfect human beings, we screw up, we miscommunicate and we hurt each others' feelings.  Its bound to happen.  But I also have this incredible friend that I get to share life with.  There are so many moments of love and laughter that keep my heart full.  God knew best and I'm glad He did.
4) people are more important than situations. 
No matter what.

Things I want to accomplish in 2013:
1) I want to sell at a craft fair- an actual BIG TIME craft fair and I want to create a shop with an identity that evolves in a healthy way
2) exercise more -not in the way of losing a whole bunch of weight and going on some crazy diet, but more of a way of living. I want to be intentional in riding my bike on pretty days and walking Max and making an effort to go to the gym more than twice a week.
3) cook more/eat healthier -I want to try new recipes and eat healthier foods without wasting
4) keep a gratitude jar -I'd like to make note of things I'm grateful for on a regular basis, perhaps through this blog or a jar.  There's so much to be thankful for.
5) grow in my walk with Christ -always.