Wednesday, June 27, 2012

married life

wow.  i haven't posted since we got engaged. & now we are MARRIED.  God is so good.  marriage is such a blessing and also a reminder of how selfish i can be at times. when i think about the past two years and how God orchestrated all of this, i cannot help but smile.  initially, shea and i were not attracted to each other nor did we have any interest in dating.  after a summer of working together, late nights at sonic, renovating a space for our sunday school class, God somehow intertwined our hearts. i can't even tell you when exactly it happened or how for that matter.  all i know is that when we first agreed to work at the church that summer, we were adamantly against dating each other. but i'm glad God had other plans and that He chose us for each other.  i'm not really for being sappy, especially on a blog, but i truly have a wonderful husband (even if we've only been married 2 weeks).

 There are so many things that I admire and love about Shea.
One is his drive and motivation to be a hard worker and do a great job at whatever task is at hand.  I find myself caring more about the quality of work I am doing because I see the value Shea places on his work.
Shea loves Jesus and people.  So much.
Shea is one of the most intelligent people I know.
I am always learning something when I am with him.
Shea wants what is best for me and I can see that in how he talks to me, cares for me, and protects me. 
Shea empowers me with God's word and reminds me of the Truth when I'm feeling discouraged.
I love being silly with Shea.
I love how he always makes me laugh.

I love how God is using this marriage to refine me and remind me of His goodness daily. I cannot thank him enough for the gifts He has given me, His son, my Savior and Shea for a husband.