Saturday, November 5, 2011

list five// things i'm thankful for

gratitude.  its kind of the theme of november [along with unshaven men], but i'm wishing gratitude to be the theme for my life.  so here's to the beginning of intentional gratitude.  letting people know i'm thankful for them and why.  being aware of all the wonderful things around me.  being loved by an incredibly huge God who holds me in his hands.

things i'm thankful for::
(in no particular order)

  1. my sweet first grade class
  2. craft night and the dear friends who come
  3. hot tea & peppermints
  4. argyle socks
  5. grace in places unexpected
  6. letters from my Compassion children 
  7. shea allen harborth [oh how i love him so!]
  8. family that is supportive and encouraging
  9. community on sunday mornings
  10. having a place to call my own