Thursday, June 9, 2011

crafting day

Sara and I have decided to plan intentional craft days throughout the summer.  Yesterday was our first day.  I'd say it was a smashing success.  We are both borderline obsessed with this blog and used it for much of our inspiration.  Thanks Dana for being awesome at sewing and such!  We also decided to photo document our adventures.  Enjoy! The name of this fun fabric is "this land is your land" And yes, it has caricatures of the states with their capitals all over it.  Perhaps my effort will make me more like Mrs. Frizzle.  If you know anyone with a magic school bus, let them know I'm interested.

 "this land is your land"
Cutting fabric for the simple skirt.  

Stitching up band for the elastic. 

Twirling in new skirt.
Sara's cute creation  :)  

In the next few months, there will be more crafting days, so stay tuned for updates on projects.