Saturday, April 9, 2011

list four// things i want to do this spring

1. fly a kite (preferrably with sara & lane)
2. go to a texas rangers game
3. use this film
4. listen to john mark mcmillan all easter weekend
5. have a picnic (on the menu: chicken salad & fresh lemonade)
6. go to this craft fair
7. try katy perry's crackle nail polish
8. eat more snow cones
9. take another round of photographs using confetti eggs
10. sew a new spring purse
11. destroy some disposable cameras.
12. find a house to live in with affordable rent (& a safe neighborhood)
13. visit old friends who live far away
14. make more mix cds with newly discovered music
15. enjoy this boy's company (perhaps while riding bikes)

author has rights to add to or edit this list through the season.