Tuesday, March 15, 2011

a spring break playlist

1. Five Years Time -Noah and the Whale
2. In the Sun -She & Him
3. Something In The Water -Brooke Fraser
4. Tired of Me -Nick Flora
5.  Seize the Day -Newsies
6. Firecracker -Ryan Adams
7. To Be Surprised -Sondre Lerche
8. Beat Control -Tilly and the Wall
9. Souls of Gold -Sister Crayon
10. Happiness -The Weepies
11. Beautiful Day -U2
12. Kite Song -Rosie Thomas
13. Soul Sister -Train
14. Beautiful Things -Gungor
15. You Get What You Give -New Radicals

When I started creating this playlist, I really didn't have anything in mind.  I started with songs that sounded like spring break and made me happy.  So essentially, this playlist is a composition of songs that make me happy and in a sense, equate with spring break.
I don't where this post will find you ...or if the only song you know off that playlist is "Hey, Soul Sister, Hey there, mister, mister..."  

So many changes have taken place since I last blogged...and maybe I will fill you in someday soon.  For now, I will leave you with this, and the hope that perhaps I will blog more in the upcoming months.