Tuesday, October 26, 2010

thoughts on unrelated things

Sufjan. Tiger Tunes. Yamboree. Corn Maze.  Jumping Pillow.  An incredible mix if you ask me. That's been my life the past week.  

Sufjan: I am still processing all that Sufjan made me think about during his show.  Beautiful. Different. Afterwards, we were hanging outside discussing our sentiments when a guy walks by muttering to himself..."Colorful. Bright. Aesthetically pleasing."  I got quite a chuckle imagining him writing up his review later that night.  
Tiger Tunes:  Entertaining, but honestly, I enjoyed the company before and after more than the actual show.  I miss the friends I have there and I become more and more aware of that each time I visit.  Nathan is twenty-one now.  Where does the time go?  
Yamboree: Free samples at a new bakery in town.  Yum. Strange and Intriguing Individuals who come out of their log cabins for the occasion make for incredible photographs.  Mmmm. Turkey Legs.  Yaminals- Yams decorated like people, animals, objects...favorite this year: Lady YamYam  
Corn Maze:  I felt like Dora the Explorer leading the pack to victory (aka the end of the maze)
Jumping Pillow: This amazing treat was on location at the corn maze, but deserved its own category.  I told Mandi if it didn't cost $13,000 to install..I'd insist that we have one in our backyard.  Google it.  Seriously.  

I feel like you'll see a facebook album [when I return] including pictures from all the events. Sara and Lane Stroud also occupy many of the photos.  I enjoy those two entirely too much. I'm glad they've adopted me into their family.
Upcoming Events:
I have a wedding to tend to next weekend.  I also discovered that there is a craft fair in the Fort Worth area, called Funky Finds. Needless to say, I've spent the past hour looking through the vendors and planning purchases accordingly.

I don't think I am always going to update you on life events, but the past week has been supreme. I don't think I'm always going to write in fragments..or run-on sentences.  Especially if my first graders happen to read it (they're super smart) and comment on the poor grammar I have exemplified.