Friday, July 5, 2013

Sewing tutorial: Dog Car Seat Cover

We love our dog immensely and he does a lot of riding in the car.  We've been just using sheets and towels, but they always fall down and usually get dog hair EVERYWHERE.  Since I love to take Max on walks in the neighborhood nearby, it was so beneficial for me to make a "dog hammock"  aka a car seat cover.  Hoping this keeps him safe and the hair contained.  I looked at several different tutorials, but adapted to fit our needs.  Here's one of the tutorials I looked at :DIY Dog Car Safety Hammock , but this car seat cover is unique to us. In case youre wondering, The purpose of this sheet is really just to make it more durable and thicker.. The sheet also adds a bit of width so all of the seat is covered and it stays in place really well. Say hello to the very first tutorial!!  Woohoo!  

Life is good when the windows are down

We take many walks in the neighborhoods nearby.
Materials needed:
-2 Beach Towels
-1 Full-Size Bed Sheet
(I cut it down to where there were about 2 in all the way around the towels)
-4 sets of fasteners (buckles)
-2 yards of heavy duty straps (cut into 8 equal pieces) -use lighter to singe all the ends to keep from fraying
-thread (i used white and navy)
-sewing machine
Think he loves it!  
(Both towels and bed sheet need to be pre-washed before you begin)

1. Sew both beach towels together using appropriate color thread.  I used white and a thick, sturdy needle.  
2. Then lay beach towels back over full-size sheet and cut bottom of sheet to be 2 in away from towels.  Fold sheet over edge of towel and pin every 5 inches.  (On side that you cut, make sure to fold under the raw edge--we don't want fraying!!) 
3. Next, I sewed 2 lines down the middle of each towel to keep both materials in place and then one perpendicular to those that intersected all three lines.  
4. Sew all around the edges, removing pins as you.  I did "quilter's corners" on the corners.  
5.  Assemble straps by sewing double zig zag on each one.  I then took the "hammock" out to my car to measure for strap placement.  Bring your straight pins!
6. I reinforced all straps by sewing double zig zag on each one.  I didn't want Max pulling them off. (See picture below for details)
Finally, put the car seat cover in your car and let your dog try it out.  
 I know Max will spend many car rides enjoying his new cover!!  

You should have 8 in all.  (4 of each) 

Excited about there not being any more dog hair on the car seats!!  
Make sure you double stitch the handles on each strap! 

How the fasteners will look on your car head rest

Hope this tutorial was super helpful!!!

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  1. Such a great idea Emilee!! I love it! And thanks so much for stopping by my blog!

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