Sunday, March 30, 2014

week thirteen: no-sew 5 min. fabric flower tutorial

(side note: I had this all typed up and ready to go yesterday, but forgot to publish it...whoops)

Don't you just hate when your favorite pair of shoes gets holes in them? I do.. I threw away a pair of toms a few years ago and hated that I did that after I saw many times on Pinterest that people had brought new life to their beloved toms. So I set out to do just that... a few months ago I revamped my favorite pair of toms and ever since then, numerous people have commented on them. I thought I'd share my secret since they're so easy to make!! And I guess if you'd rather not revamp them yourself, I will for $15. All it takes is some scrap fabric, ribbon/lace, a few pearls and a hot glue gun.

Sunday, March 23, 2014

Finley Blake Bice

Ever since high school, Megan and I have been friends. We've seen each other through many highs and lows. I pulled out my old scrapbook just so I could take a trip down memory lane.
Before social media, we printed pictures and scrapbooked them. I'm working on doing a better job of printing and making books of current photos. 

And crazy enough, I've taken pictures of many events in Megan's life: engagement, wedding, her 1st child, and now her 2nd child.

Saturday, March 22, 2014

week twelve: mended women's ministry

I went to a young women's retreat at the beginning of January.  Holly, the speaker, said something that still resonates with me today, "Our spiritual intake must outweigh our worldly intake." I'm learning this to be so true as I fast from social media. Yes, its inconvenient and I remind people often that I'm no longer on there, but its taught me to be intentional and ask people to see their photos and how they're doing, since otherwise how would I know.  Quality time has been so much more authentic because my phone is no longer an object of desire, but actually quite boring... I've never been into phone games.  I'm happier because of time spent with Jesus, family, friends, cleaning and crafting.  This is only a 5-week check in. It's surreal to me that I still have a month to go and at the same time, I'm kinda relieved.  I've become aware of how we've taken social media for granted, expecting everyone to see what has been posted and therefore no longer feeling the need to communicate further. It is a great tool and I look forward to utilizing it again, but my prayer is that it will no longer be abused or coveted like beforehand.

Things bringing me JOY and rocking my world right now:
-My Lighthouse by Rend Collective and their new cd I just purchase
-this spoken word poem by Amena Brown and Ann Voskamp
-a list of books I want to read (and the fact that I've read 2 since I started my fast) joy!
-that its the weekend
-an open snow cone stand (even though I've yet to get one)
-Ann Voskamp's words:
"This world’s mostly salt water. We’re dust and this world is mostly salt water.
We’re thirsty and we’re drinking down salt water dreams, salt water days, salt water likes, salt water distractions, and we’re all still thirsty here —- we’re all still dying here....Because, yeah, nobody needs anymore saltwater of empty religion, of self-help, of some pop psychology veneered with a bit of Bible.
What we’re all parched for is pure, clear Gospel to wet some cracked-dry lips, grace-water that saves us, that reconciles the busted up, that redeems the banished and broken, that revives the weary and burdened....Give up so I can give more so I’m giving more of myself to Jesus. ...And the thing is — What God’s graciously given us is always enough to be abundant grace for someone else."

Saturday, March 15, 2014

week eleven: texas hill country

This week was spring break for both Shea and I.  I am aware that we won’t always have the same schedule, so while we do, it’s fun to take full advantage of it.  We planned a small road trip for the 2nd half of the week exploring Texas hill country and we had a blast!  I’m sharing my favorite photos from our trip.  I really enjoyed taking photos for fun again.  We stayed with Shea’s sweet Omie (grandma) and visited with my cousin’s family as well.  [Side note: you should check my cousin’s blog out.. She’s super talented!]

How cute are my cousin's kids, Cora and Emmeline? I wanted to take them home with me!!  

Thursday we got up early and headed out to Fredericksburg. We detoured into the famous little spot of Luckenbach.  Haven’t heard of it? check out this song..  We had planned to go to Enchanted Rock, but the line was way too long and it wasn’t moving quickly. We had fun visiting shops downtown, making a not-so-great lunch choice, walking a nature trail, exploring the nation’s largest wildflower seed farm, and enjoying ice cream.

Thursday, March 6, 2014

week ten: quick car trash bag tutorial

With 2 snow days this week, I've had plenty of time to craft and clean, but most of the crafting I've been doing is TOP SECRET gift things for different people.  You will see them soon enough.  A few days ago, (this is a scheduled post) I had some time and decided to finally make a much-needed car trash bag for my car. My husband Shea is grateful because he is quite tired of seeing my kleenexes stuffed down into cup holders and across the floor.  Gross, I know, but allergy season is quite unkind to this girl.  This cute, practical bag takes 30 minutes or less.  Enjoy doing a quick project that comes in handy!  
Supplies needed:
-fat quarter of oil cloth (you'll only need 16 x 12 1/2 in. square)
-at least 12 1/2 in of canvas strap
-cutting mat
-rotary cutter
-ruler cutting guide (not sure of the name, so i made something up!)  
-sewing machine

1. Measure a rectangle 16 x 12 1/2 inches and cut it out.

2. Use a fun contrasting color of thread.  I picked red.
3. Pin the top to hem approx 3/4 in.  Oil cloth can't be ironed and this is a good way to keep it down to sew.

4. Fold fabric over and sew around leaving top open.

5. Box corners by folding corner fabric into a triangle and sew stitch across closing both corner off. This creates a flat base for the bag.

6. Sew straps on by pinning each while bag is reversed to opposite sides.  I just sewed a Z because the opening of the bag was narrow and piles of kleenexes aren't heavy, so it should be secure.

I'm using mine on my shift gear.  (Sara's great idea!)  You could also hang yours on an arm rest or in the backseat of your car.  You could make the strap snap and hang it from a head rest..the possibilities are endless!  

I'm so pleased with how it turned out!  Hope you enjoy making one for yourself!

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Tuesday, March 4, 2014

ice day #2

Photo Credit: Buckets and Bows

Why is it that when you finally put up all your laundry, you feel like you deserve some kind of medal?  Pretty sure ice day #2 led to this small victory.  I'm grateful we have power again because for 12+ hours we didn't.  This isn't a craft post, but I hope to have one for yall later this week. I'm working on several gift related projects that will debut on a later date.  Can I also say since I've given up social media that I've gotten a lot of things done and also read a lot more blogs?  It's been hard though. My phone seems so boring without social media...( i don't play phone games or i guess it'd be more exciting)  I can definitely tell the Lord is using this time to grow me in Him.  

This was the first year as a teacher I've sent home Scholastic book orders and my kids ordered enough books for me to get the ENTIRE collection of magic tree house books...needless to say, I was stoked!  
They are equally excited as well!  

I also got a shipment of new fabric in! Who doesn't love that?  Its the best kind of mail!

Yesterday when we lost our power, Shea challenged me to a game of scrabble. Max didn't see any excitement in this game and therefore took a nap. I ended up winning the game much to Shea's dismay.

We've been talking about presidents lately because of President's day and reading this made my heart really happy.  I told them about how they are blessed to be free because there are children in other parts of the world who are forced to work in factories and do things without being paid. I'm glad she wants to help end slavery and free the 27 million who are still held captive.

I hear the ice melting.  That might mean a trip to the grocery store is in order.  Stay warm, friends!